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As a native New Yorker (Where Brooklyn At!), going on photo safaris throughout the boroughs are where everything originally started for me well over 25 years ago!  I can still remember my first still-life capture.  It was on an excursion with my friend Jason,  who is also a professional photographer, and I was using a heavily awesome Nikon F film camera.

(I recall some Harry Connick Jr. Blue Light jazz on the radio while driving in an old 1970's car/boat - Pontiac Bonteville I'd like to say....)

Two framed 4x6 prints still display  in my home.  One is a Floyd Bennet Field scenic, and the second is a couple of wind surfers at Plumb Beach with Kingsborough Community College in the background.  They have been well traveled and displayed throughout my time as an undergrad at Syracuse University and residential moves.  I am pretty sure that each  photo is stuck to their frame glass, and that is perfectly OK by me.

Presently, these journeys continue to spark inspiration for me.  With-ever changing stories presented in front of my lenses, I have realized over time that these local urban excursions are a staple of who I am...whether I am holding a camera or not.  

My brand of photography concentrates on a documentary styled storytelling adventure.  My passion and mission are to capture the finest personality traits, quirks and storylines of my subjects without necessarily requiring poses, bending backwards (unless you're a dancer) or making fake smile love to the camera. 

All sized-projects and events excite my team and me.   Special projects I am focussed on may catch your eye.  I encourage you to take a look and contact me with your own inspirational ideas.  I would love to add my flair and mindshare. 

We will save my views on traveling during our time working together!  But in the meantime, take a gander at my scenic art section.   Have an awesome day!

~ Daniel                 

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