Roubian Palmisano Studios  |  262 Columbia Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
(circa 1930's - 1974)

A Little About My Background & Vision

Graduating from Syracuse University in 1997, I started out in the Technology Management field; first holding down a job at IBM before moving into Financial Service & Consulting firms. I was great in executive management roles; leading large teams in client-facing projects throughout this tenure. Creativity, critical thinking and flawless execution were skills that fulfilled this initial career for me (OK also Excel spreadsheets).

BUT..... I am an entrepreneur.... a content creator.... a photographer.... I can go on and on here... (how many dots do you think I can type).

My grandfather (mom's side), John Palmisano, owned a photography studio named Roubian Palmisano Studios in Red Hook on Columbia Street & Carroll Street in Brooklyn, NY prior to World War II (late 1930's) until 1974. I was born in 1975 and never had a chance to meet him, however, I do remember frequently looking at old photos and artifacts.  I specifically remember finding pencils all over my grandmother's house with the studio name and phone number - marketing genius!

My grandfather (dad's side), Cono Marino, owned Arrow Car Service (later on named Dyker Park Car Service); one of Brooklyn's first "Uber" services in the Dyker Heights / Bay Ridge / Bensonhurst neighborhoods.  As a kid, I often spent a piece of each summer in the car service which allowed me to watch my grandfather and my dad operate the business. I would also be on hand when my dad was marketing this business with stickers all over the neighborhood. He would put them on pay phones, information poles, bus stops, and other random places where he thought someone would make eye contact - more marketing genius!   I vividly remember the bright reddish-orange color of these stickers to draw eye ball attention. 

My mom has a very consistent way about her.  Hard work, morals and family are important to her.  While growing up, you don't always see the sacrifices that your parents practice to make their families a priority.  But fast forward a few years, and you see choices such as leaving a career for a new career that keeps you local and available for your children.  There are important and foundational lessons and observations that get handed down generation to generation; sometimes without words spoken but by subliminal observations - real life lesson genius!

Around 2007, I started taking action towards my passion drives; not letting a script dictate these actions.... more like going with the flow, keeping an open mind to try things, and letting the rest fall in place.

In 2013, I was happily able to go full time on photography and business building operations. I am now running multiple businesses, creating personal projects, truly living life, and continually trying new things.  

Without a doubt, photography, art and business building are in my blood.  So is being an involved father while finding time in my own life to run my businesses and enjoy things that make me happy.  Balance is essential to success.

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