Mind Muscle Body is a long term idea that was originally supposed to be a content rich website focusing on a regular dose of inspiration from a health & wellness perspective.  The premise is that by keeping our muscles fit as a top "1A" priority in our lives,  our minds and bodies will stay focussed to conquer our goals and desires.  This is a well supported concept by health & wellness professionals throughout time.

This idea has been a forever item on my life's interest list as far back as when I was really kicking my photography business into gear.  It also checks off the helping others box we all have.   Photographing dancers as a focus area, I started to finally see how I can tie in my photography to this Mind Muscle Body project. 

Dancers, by trade must have strong muscles, bodies and minds to perform complex choreography.  This project will showcase visions of people in their trade; along with a blurb of their personal success stories that tie to this connection.  Eventually the project will begin introducing more professionals such as Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Business Executives, Teachers, Yoga & Fitness Instructors, etc.  

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Photo 1 (Elle May Patterson @ellemaypatterson)

Photo 2 (Amber Nalle @amberballet)

Photo 3 (Gwendolyn Baum @gwendolynbaum)

Photo 4 (Jackie Mazzarella @jackiemazzarella)

Photo 5 (Montana Sholars @montanasholars)

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