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Stoop sitting or "hanging-out" is something very unique to New York City dwellers. This word, originating from the dutch word stoep which translates to stair, has also served as wonderful architectural detail as far back as the late 1800's. Personally, as a Brooklyn native, I have always been fascinated with old world architecture and my roots in photography come from enjoying local excursions to capture these works of scenic art.
Social Stoops is a symbolic collection of my work meant to represent that we, as New Yorkers and worldwide, are strong, resilient and exceptional human beings. We adapt to our environments, utilize our assets, and appreciate the creation of lifelong experiences. During this incomparable COVID-19 time in history, we need to act on our strengths and abilities to continue producing happy and lasting lifetime experiences.
Click through my images and learn about some of the point in time stories behind the people in them. It is the little things that matter and that is never truer that right now. The phrase "Social Stoops" to me means our gathering with our family and friends to produce hearfelt lasting experiences. So basically, the words "Stoop" and "Social", to me, symbolically mean the same thing. I hope these images and stories provide you with great feelings and inspiration. We are all in this together.
I invite you to use your stoop, porch, roof top, open window or living space to create experiences that are unique to you. Are you a dancer? Let's see you practicing your skills! Is there a special milestone happening? Get dressed up and celebrate! Feel like relaxing on a brisk sunny day? Simply hang out on your stoop like our Brooklyn ancestors have been doing for 200 years! Utilize the timer feature on your smart device and capture them.
Through these first few weeks home as a non-essential photographer, and as we all have felt, I have gone back and forth with emotions and thoughts. I have wanted to go outside often (I do walk my dog responsibly and take an occasional bike ride), take on some photo assignments, gather with family, etc. But overall, just as we had been advised, I felt a sense of purpose to do my part to make sure to #StayHome and make sure that we #FlattenTheCurve. This has been a rewarding feeling of responsibility like no other. I have enjoyed teaching this to my 11 year old duagther as well.
It is important to mention here that all of the images I am showcasing are meant to be a symbolic representation of how we all can continue to live our lives at home during this time. No photo has been created during this tragic pandemic.
We can continue to create happy moments. We can continue to enjoy our living spaces. We can continue to appreciate each other. And we can do this all from our homes to help stop this unbelieveable virus while our scientists and government work towards a cure and a safe go forward strategy. I hope you, your family and loved ones are all safe and settled in place. Much Love & Respect to all of our healthcare professionals, grocery store workers, teachers & city workers! You guys are true heroes and we can not thank you enough for your service!
Caption #socialstoops and @danmarinophoto in your posts!    |    SEE ALL POSTS ON INSTAGRAM    |    BK READER ARTICLE
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